Armenia One Day Tour: Small Group

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  • Countryside
  • Traditional lunch
  • 8-9 hours
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Discover the highlights of Northern Armenia in just one day on this small group tour from Tbilisi. The route leads through the historical region of Lori, famous for its unique stone monasteries and the coppper mines. Once a kingdom of its own, today Lori is an intriguing mix of Soviet brutalism and mystical medieval churches, surrounded by rocky mountains. Enjoy a day full of scenery, history and authentic Armenian food in a small countryside restaurant, as you join our small group tour 1 day trip to Armenia. 

You will visit the fortified monastery of Akhtala, a mutual creation by Georgians and Armenians with stunning frescoes and beautiful legends. Not far from there lie the two "Brother Monasteries" - Sanahin and Haghpat, both listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The halls, graveyards and churches hold traces of ancient history and incredible talent of Armenian lapidaries, who were creating carvings and shapes that survived centuries. 

To make your Armenia experience complete, we invite you to a traditional lunch in a popular countryside restaurant, where you can taste authentic and delicious local food. 


  • Single travelers
  • Photographers
  • First time visitors
  • Thrifty travelers



  • Although usually the border crossing process goes very fast, it is possible that there will be waiting lines, that will take longer than usual
  • Please check in advance what documents you need to enter Armenia and re-enter Georgia 
  • Some parts of the road on Armenian side are under renovation at the moment, so that it partly ressembles and off-road experience

What's include

Small group tour to Armenia

  • Full day trip to Armenia
  • Small group (max. 15 people)
  • UNESCO listed Haghpat and Sanahin
  • Fortified monastery of Akhtala
  • Copper mining town of Alaverdi
  • Traditional lunch in a roadside restaurant
  • Perfect for photographers

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